Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hello everyone! This is this years MLG finals with Life vs Flash. Now I know you all would prefer to watch the whole series but I going to skip all the way to last match game six with Life up with three games and Flash at two. This is a super intense match up between these two great and talented players. To give you a little background information Flash (Blue Terran) has been the Macro Master! I say this because his ability to out macro his opponent is crazy! He has been able to steamroll his opponents all the way to the finals base mostly on his ability to produce raw units. Life (Red Zerg) has been the lowly quiet Zerg that slowly but surely climbed the tournament ladder.  Just some extra info Life is playing these games at 16 years of age! Well enough of my text, enjoy the show! Let me know what kind of games you guys would like me to post or if theres a skill or technique that you want me to cover! Have a great day my fellow Starcraft 2 players!

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